Project Nursery - Classic Storybook Nursery

Classic Children's Storybook Nursery

Customize your interior space with this beautiful wall decal  brought to you only by The Decal Lab. This decal is perfect  for your nursery, kid's room, or bedroom.

Once Upon A Time Wall Decal - Storybook Nursery Decor - Vinyl Wall Decal from DecalLab on Etsy. Saved to random.

Project Nursery - Classic Storybook Nursery - closet with changing table

Classic Children's Storybook Nursery

Project Nursery - Classic Storybook Nursery - closet with changing table.what a space saver! Not sure if we will remove doors

Oh Erica! I really love this idea ... Pages from Little Golden Books framed and used as art! Very classic!!!

Little Golden Book wall art - turn old children's books into wall art! I have to figure out how to do this with "Hippos Go Berserk" - it's Ava's FAVORITE book!

Need a light? Have a bunch of old books laying around that you're not interested in reading? Make a library lamp! This unusual and functional work of art is sure to get great reviews from friends.

Library Lamp Made of Books

I think something like this would look beautiful next to my papasan :) DIY book lamp Could use old westerns for JW