DIY soft & shiny hair spray!

9 Important Tips You Need To Know If You Have Straightened Your Hair

Curly vs Straight Hair and How to Handle Each From the Pros! Prime Beauty Blog

(source) Products for Straight Hair Products for Curly Hair I recently got my hair cut and have gone from having long unmanageable straight hair to short bouncy wavy hair. You can read about my hair change here.

Permanent Hair Straightening with Coconut Milk and Lemon Juice – Touch Of The Nature

Probably the majority of girls and women dream about a smooth, shiny and straight hair. Straight strands are in trend, these days. However, in order to avoid daily treatments, the permanent hair st…

Do you know what's really in your products?hair recipe because your hair deserves it

14 Survival Tips That May Save Your Life Someday Vol. II

Coconut oil can be used for many things, including as a natural hair treatment. Here is how to make a deep conditioning DIY coconut oil hair treatment.

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All-Natural Straightening Cream to Eliminate Frizz

Skip the chemical products and heat treatments, consider going with a natural straightening cream to eliminate frizz and straighten hair.

How To Make Hair Straight Mask And Straight Hair At Home (VIDEO)

How To Make Hair Straight Mask And Straight Hair At Home (VIDEO)

Hair care is as important as taking care of our face and body. That is why we women are always looking for the best hair treatments, and the best aesthetic methods to make our hair

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I use these plus Its A 10 Miracle leave in treatment when my hair is still wet, then blow dry and use Beyond The Zone Hair Primer, brush and use these two while I straighten. And my hair is super soft and smells amazing.