The debut of Netflix’s Stranger Things is just a few weeks away, and while this new trailer gives us a glimpse of its biggest-name star, Winona Ryder, it focuses on the four boys and mysterious girl who are the real focus of this E.T.-meets-Close Encounters of the Third Kind-meets-”basically everything Steven Spielberg was thinking about in the 1980s” story.

Netflix's Stranger Things TV Series Openly Worships at the Altar of Spielberg

Definitely a good watch! About MK Ultra! Stranger Things - Season 1 When a young boy disappears, those who know him set out on a journey to get him back, uncovering top secret government experiments and supernatural forces.

20 Awesome Netflix's Stranger Things Fan Art Pieces

21 Awesome Fan Art Pieces for Netflix's Stranger Things

The Teacher, Mr Clarke, Is The True Unsung Hero Of “Stranger Things” | SPOILER ALERT. Do not read this until you have finished Stranger Things.

Mr Clarke Is The Most Underrated Character In "Stranger Things"

Mr Clarke is also responsible for what I think is one of the best moments in the entire season. "why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?