Let the music move you

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cool looking dancer makes a difficult jump

Andrea Parker, one of the best British breakdance performers

UDC provides street dancers for corporate events, shows, pop videos and entertainment.

little boy dancing in the street

rediscovering your inner tiny dancer…

Keep the swag on. #redbull #givesyouwings

Dance scene that favors a 90 degree dutch. A concept that exploits perspective shift. Think poor man's Inception hallway fight scene. Depth, lines.

Movers and Shakers : The Newbie's Guide to Commercial Dance in L.A. |

Movers and Shakers : The Newbie’s Guide to Commercial Dance in L.A.

popping, a robotic style of street dance

Dancing HIP-HOP: Early styles of hip-hop like uprock, breaking, popping, locking, and boogaloo were all created by Black Americans who lived in California. It became popular around they all have similar music origin and began on the streets.