Stress in pregnancy

JAMA Network | JAMA Pediatrics | Maternal Exposure to Magnetic Fields During Pregnancy in Relation to the Risk of Asthma in Offspring
WATERMELON: We love watermelon! It's high in water and natural fruit sugars that can help get rid of morning sickness side effects. Share this info with a soon-to-be mama who could use this information. Pregnancy can come with lots of stress. Click the picture to learn how to better deal with stress.  || watermelon can alleviate nausea | nausea relief | morning sickness relief | how to get rid of morning sickness | watermelon is delicious ||
Curing Acid Reflux with Chinese Medicine (causes: 1. If you eat too many high-carb foods they sit in the stomach, gather fluids, and create Dampness; (then) ferment and turn to Heat. 2. if stress is a big issue for you, your reflux could be caused by the Liver Invading the Stomach; 3. excess Stomach Fire:  taking in so much fire from spicy, acidic food)
How to Reduce Cortisol -15 Ways to Feel Better Right Away! #cortisol #health #natural
Being pregnant doesn't mean stopping exercise altogether. Yoga is a great activity to keep your body moving without putting it under TOO much stress.
This is for anyone with young children or babies that they want to open a bank account for.  It is advice from netmums.
Poor body posture can actually weaken you back and core muscles over time and lead to back pain. It’s actually quite common for people who sit in front of a computer or behind the wheel for long amounts of time. Excess weight, texting, stress and pregnancy are also factors that can contribute to bad posture.Find out more...
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The endocrine system produces and regulates hormones in the body, telling other systems of the body what to do. From brain function to reproduction, hormones are the chemical messengers that manage metabolism, growth, heart rate, and virtually every other
Don’t have 20 minutes? That’s okay, this meditation only takes 60 seconds!
Pregnancy can be anxiety inducing in of itself, but it you already suffer from anxiety or depression, these tips on how to de-stress will really help. How to De-Stress While Pregnant
The Importance Of Gut Bacteria In Pregnancy (and how we destroy it with modern practices!)
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Did you know that your thyroid can affect your chances of pregnancy? Learn about the basics of Hypothyroidism and how to combat the symptoms. #hyperthyroidism
Practicing yoga during pregnancy balances emotional stress and hormone levels. Read on to know how these top 14 fertility yoga asanas will help boost the chances