Absol Pokemon one of my favorite pokemons

I am Meda. I am an Absol. I am a dark type and I am a rogue. I a, Feirce and NOT nice at all. I am a danger to trainers and there pokèmon. I don't mind company, because if they tick me off, I will kill them.

Ash with his strongest Pokémon from each region. Favourites are Greninja, Sceptile and Infernape. I wish that Infernape would've made a return for the Unova series, to redeem it and also, I think Ash-Infernape could've been a thing.

Favorite picture of Red.

It's cute how Green gave Red his charizard, one of his strongest pokemon. It's also cute how Red felt bad and left behind his Garaydos (spelled it wrong) -Kristen

WolfDreamer: Bayleef Plushie I made this and it turned out AWESOME! Love, love, love this site and patterns

Pokemon Red and Blue Gengar

A shiny Gengar and Erebus calls him Moon Shadow. He also holds a mega stone and Erebus is able to active it. He is very cheeky and cruel when it comes to battling and has no friends other than Erebus.

Pkmn Gold and Silver Legendary Bird Pokeball pendants

TOP 5 Strongest Pokemon POST UPDATE   lifenowrocks.com

TOP 5 Strongest Pokemon POST UPDATE lifenowrocks.com

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

The Rarest Pokémon You Can Find In 'Pokémon GO'