Spirit Day Ideas

Spirit days are a great way to build a community feeling in the classroom! My grade 6 teacher Ms. L always had us all get so into spirit days and it made our class so close. I hope to do the same for my future class too.

10 Easy Service Projects for Your Caring Classrooms!

10 Easy Service Projects for Schools

Integrate service into regular classroom lessons — here are 10 easy service projects for schools or classrooms to take on!

Student Council Packet - Editable - Everything you need to run an Elementary Student Council.

Student Council Sponsor Packet

Student Council Packet-Elementary School Everything you need to help you with your school's Student Council. As sponsor of our school's Student Council, the forms, printables and other materials in this packet helped me stay organized and on top of our

Whether you are starting a new student council group, organizing your existing group, or looking for new ideas, this binder organization set can put you on the right path.This Student Council Binder Set Includes:Binder Cover Pages: "Forms," "Building Community," "Leadership Lessons," "Effective Work Groups," "Dances," and "Fundraisers," "Spirit Week," "Class of the Year Competition," "Community Involvement," "Advisor Planning and Reflection," "Effective Meetings." Effective Work ...

Student Council Binder for Organization

Get organized with this binder set. Student Council advisers are busy people, let this binder set help keep you organized.

Kindness tree to display random acts of kindness (picture only) Instead of hearts, use leaves for spring.

Ripple Kindness on

Kindness tree to display random acts of kindness (picture only). It would be fun to have kids write down kind acts they have been recipients of, as well as kind acts they have done.

Have teachers set a great example for students by positively recognizing their colleagues on this bulletin board.

An excellent idea to build staff rapport and recognize employee contribution - Staff Shout Outs Board.

Let the Penny War commence! In our penny war, each classroom tries to win this fundraising competition. Each room has a jar for collecting coins or dollar bills. The value of any pennies and bills …

Let the Penny War commence! In our penny war, each classroom tries to win this fundraising competition. Each room has a jar for collecting coins or dollar bills. The value of any pennies and bills …

What Are the Duties of an Elementary Student Council? | Synonym

Elementary school is one of the important first steps in a lifelong journey of learning. Students are molded into proper behavior and learn vital skills that will prepare them for advanced learning .