FREE! Student Survey ~ Interest Inventory

Student Survey ~ Interest Inventory I hope you and your students enjoy this free student survey and interest inventory. It's great for the first day of school! Teaching Suggestions: You can run the student survey front/back, or just use the front page.

Reading Interest Survey - find out what they like to read!

Reading Interest Survey that can be used at the beginning of a new series of work to track student interests, passion and motivation towards reading. Great tool to inform planning.

Morning Work for the First Weeks of School - activities/wo

Morning Work for the First Weeks of School - activities/worksheets (10 days)

Basic interest inventory that allows you to form lessons around what students enjoy so that they are more engaged in the lesson.

Student Interest Inventory: Getting to Know Your Students

Get to know your students with a student interest survey. Use it at the beginning of the school year, after breaks, or open house and meet the teacher nights. If you get to meet your students before the next school year, this would be helpful too!

Get to know your students & begin building positive relationships with this…

Beginning of the Year Student Interest Survey in English and Spanish

Get to know your students begin building positive relationships with this fun survey! It comes in both English and Spanish and can be used in all subject areas and most grade levels.

Great first day of school info sheet. Has Dropbox link. Download and customize at your leisure.

classroomcollective: “ teaching-everydayisdifferent: “ ferrarisenglishworld: “ beckieteaches: “ novelnovice: “ My first day of school info sheet. Ignore the fact that I added the wrong school year

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Beginning of the Year

Help your students get to know each other, the classroom, and you with all of these printable beginning of the year activities.

Behavior Charts and more on this Guidance Counselor's page

Behavior Plans - Elementary School Counseling I coukd change this to include unit studies and the kids could pick what they learn.

student interest inventory elementary - Google Search

This relates through mutual relationships. This basic elementary survey allows the teacher to learn the basics about each student so they can build mutual relationships together.

Career Interest Inventory printable

Career Interest Inventory printable--Great to use for students who have a lot of different interests and aren't sure where to focus. Potentially for students entering grade and looking to select classes.