I love using these lotus charts to help with student led conferences.

And as teachers, you know what I'm talking about! Parent/Teacher Conference time is upon us.

Student led conferences TRANSFORMED my teaching. Read this blog post to learn the benefits of implementing student-led conferences with your primary aged students! - by Inspire Me ASAP

Student- Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences

A tool for parents to get to know more about their child's strengths, areas for growth, interests and more. It is suggested for student-led conferences, but I think this could be used at any time.

Low Prep Student-Led Conferences in 3 Simple Steps!

Student-led Conferences in 3 Simple Steps

Very nice guide for student lead conferences, which are awesome in it of itself. This guide helps guide the flow of the conference while still allow students to take ownership and pride in their accomplishments as well as set goals for improvement.

This is such a great post about student led conferences with freebies included too!

The perfect way to improve classroom management. This was the perfect way for me to improve parent communication, parent conference success, and give students ownership of their learning.

Planning your parent teacher conference will be easy with these forms. These include student led conferences and parent teacher conference printables as well as a schedule.

Student Led Conferences

Initiate and maintain family contacts. I think student led conferences allow for the student to take ownership and be proud of their work at school. It also shows parents you are committed to fostering independent and hardworking students.