Student life yearbook

make it slightly larger and do the elected senors in the same frame, maybe? -Katelyn D

With our book incorporating polaroids in it, I believe this would be a unique way to carry that theme through on the Senior Superlative page.

#Walsworth Haltom High School, Haltom, Texas #AskMike

Added by: Shantha Burt Design Design Principle: Balance, repetition, contrast Why I pinned: It immediately caught my eye, as it is really different from most designs

We should make one of the page titles say "Human" something, just because I think it would be cool. -Kylie C

I like the idea of either doing a spread or dedicating part of a spread to the general student body to get more people in the book.

// TILMA, Juan Diego Catholic High School, Draper [UT] #Jostens #LookBook2015 #Ybklove

A hidden secrets type of spread would be kind of an interesting twist to talents and student life

how many words will humanity invent that mean all the same?

Elevate your writing by including more interesting words!

Hallsville High School 2013 Student Life

This layout is a good example of no trapped white space. Everything builds outwards from the module. The module is eye catching and crosses the gutter.