Spirited Away Kaonashi No-Face Piggy Bank

One of the most memorable characters in the classic Studio Ghibli anime Spirited Away is Kaonashi, or No-Face. The black-suited lonely spirit with an

Ages of Studio Ghibli characters. Hmm interesting- so many are so much younger and older than I thought

Howl is almost ten years older than sofie.I'm 12 and I love that my favs are about the same age as me oe older


Soot ball Soot sprite Coal Studio Ghibli Totoro Spirited Away Howls Castle Gift

Soot ball Soot sprite Coal Studio Ghibli Totoro Spirited Away Howls Castle Gift in Toys & Games

Enjoying the Sunshine & Breeze | Kiki's Delivery Service | Miyazaki | Studio Ghibli | (gif)

Kikis Delivery Service I just realized I've been a couple shipper ever since i was a little girl! I've been a FANGIRL in general since! lol bet everyone has realized that already

You probably saw this coming... Im such a big fan of Studio Ghibli! I've made Ghibli charms since I first started claying! I love Ghibli so much and love seeing all other crafter's make Ghibli creations as well! The world can never have enough studio Ghibli! I love seeing everyone designing their own favorite characters and adding their own twists! It's a great stepping stone to learning techniques and growing as a crafter. I seriously learned so much from trying to recreate all those…

What's your favorite studio Ghibli movie? Which Kawaii star is your fave? These are all prototypes (minus Totoro, haku, and kodama) so I will make multiples of the most popular ones!

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Studio Ghibli illustrations by Tyler Stout for Mondo vinyls and t-shirts. (Spirited away, Princess Mononoke, & and Howls Moving Castle)