The brilliant films that Hayao Miyazaki made together with Studio Ghibli are some of the deepest, most touching and unforgettable animation films ever made. If you’re as crazy about some of his classic movies as we are, then you’ll love this list of Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli gift ideas! If you know someone who Loved My Neighbor …

50+ Gifts For Miyazaki Lovers That Will Spirit You Away

Spirited Away, No Face Money Box. The new automated money box speaks, plays music from the film, and burps after every deposit! - Wow -Erica^^

I Really Want This ‘Spirited Away’ No-Face Munching Piggy Bank – Nerd Approved – News For Nerds

Totoro cookie cutter, definitely getting this! - 20 Perfect Gifts For Miyazaki Lovers

20 Perfect Gifts For Miyazaki Lovers

Crunchyroll - Studio Ghibli Music to be Offered on Limited Vinyl Pressings

'howl's moving castle' studio ghibli kokyo kyokushu limited edition vinyl by tyler stout for mondo

I saw your name on the library cards long ago... Whisper of the Heart

One of my favorite Ghibli movies of all time "I saw your name on the library cards long ago." Whisper of the Heart

From Up on Poppy Hill / HU BLU 8901 /

From Up on Poppy Hill (2011)

From Up on Poppy Hill Director: Goro Miyazaki A group of Yokohama teens look to save their school's clubhouse from the wrecking ball in preparations for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

Legacy's Begin with the Simplest Truth:  "There is something good in the world, and It is worth fighting for." (Tolkien)

The impressively tall Studio Ghibli art tower

this is a parody of the famous Durarara ending "Trust me" featuring Studio Ghibli characters - more specifically characters from Studio Ghibli movies directed by Miyazaki

Crunchyroll - #StudioGhibli Music to be Offered on Limited Vinyl Pressings - Kokyo Kyokushu

Studio Ghibli x Mondo: Kokyo Kyokushu - 'Princess Mononoke' soundtrack (by Tyler Stout).

Essa artista é simplesmente fantástica. Vou mostrar aqui os fanarts que ela fez dos filmes do famoso Studio Ghibli (quem não gosta né?)! TODOS eles tem muita emoção e captam a essência de cada filme, ela sabe comunicar com uma boa combinação de cores os sentimentos dos personagens. O mais legal é que mesmo sendo…

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