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DIY Toy Hammock - Easy No-Sew

Stuffed Animal Net: Tutorial

stuffed animal holder - we already have 2 pet nets, but it'd be much more fun to replace them with homemade ones! Mayne, let's do it =)

The Better Nester: Wall Hanging Stuffed Animal Storage Tutorial

The Better Nester: Wall Hanging Stuffed Animal Storage Tutorial Imagine all of your Fluffeez™ hanging in this! Great idea from The Better Nester!

Adorable way to display and store all those cute stuffed animals.    Stained with 2 non-toxic colors and lettering of your choice. (Not painted, you will see wood grain, knots, etc.)              38in tall by 20in wide by 21in deep    Easy to assemble- no dangerous or complicated cords    Comes with hardware to secure to wall- children will climb on anything!    Open on top for easy clean up, flexible bars to pull out animals.    Ideas for lettering:  My Zoo  Katie's Zoo  Our Zoo  Circus…

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Somebody just asked me recently where I got these for the boy's rooms and I couldn't remember! Here ya go! Whoever you were!

Huge Toy Storage Net keeps clutter up and out of the way. The perfect way to store teddy bears, plush collectibles, sports balls and more.

My daughter has one of these stuffed animal nets, and it really helps get toys off the floor!

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