There is no big philosophy behind a successful and healthy weight loss. It all comes down to eliminating sugar, consuming plenty of veggies, consuming vegetable protein and increasing the intake of healthy fat/oil. You need to follow a strict schedule that will be consisted of 3 small meals. You have to avoid meals after 7pm. In addition, you will need some light-weight training.

Here Is How To Activate Your Hormones To Burn Fat

¿Tienes unos jean viejos que no useas? Dale nueva vida con esta sencilla idea para convertirlos en unos cómodos shorts.

20+ Easy Weekend DIY Projects For Girls

Personal life: How cute are these shorts? I love going to the thrift store and making old clothes into new, trendy clothes. Plus you can use the scraps as old dish rags or tie it in a knot and make it a doggie chew toy!


60+ Flawless Spring Outfits To Stand Out From The Crowd

Izzy Fall - Appliqué Jersey Dress

Mini Boden Appliqué Jersey Dress (Infant) available at My. Husband would be in a lot of trouble if we ever have a girl.

#fall #trending #outfits |  Blue Denim + Black Denim

60 Trending Outfits You Should Own This Fall

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Spring is here! With it comes the desire to look fresh and gorgeous. These 20 Trendy Spring Outfit Ideas will give you lots of Inspiration!

Pin for Later: Dieses Augenmakeup beweist: Tränen können wunderschön sein

Dieses Augenmakeup beweist: Tränen können wunderschön sein

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Don't let the grey, snowy skies dull your home!

10 Beautiful Accessories To Brighten Your Home This Winter

Don't let the grey, snowy skies dull your home! Check out this list for stylish accessories that brighten your decor.