Let's agree to disagree because you're too fucking stupid to understand me. LO

Let's agree to disagree because you're too fucking stupid to understand me. LOL Awesome statement some people need to hear

So true especially when I see stupid things people post, say or do. But it's not worth it.

Sometimes the amount of self-control it takes to not say what's on my mind is so immense, I need a nap afterward.

So very true. I've thought about this more than ever recently. Have you ever sat quietly and thought this to yourself as someone is bold face lying to you? And it's over silly stuff, like fantasy stories or things they have(but don't).. :-/ It makes me wonder how stupid they think I am, or what they feel is being accomplished by petty lies. Go ahead and keep telling me the same story five times over; with a new twist every time because you forgot the first way you told it. You should put…

Oh true and how Id love to slap her in the face with all the things I know about her when she throws things in our face!

inspirational quotes from Great Albert Einstein!


"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid" ~ Albert Einstein - Focus on where your strengths lie, not your weaknesses.

Stupid will go full steam ahead toward that ten mile high brick wall of reality. The hit will be catastrophically heard and seen. 'Well, who put that there?' :)

Smart people underestimate themselves; ignorant people think they’re brilliant. It’s a cognitive bias called the Dunning-Kruger effect, where the highly skilled assume that things they find easy are.

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I don't need the last laugh.ive been laughing at your DUMB ASS the entire time!

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Love this! I say all the is a choice to be choose to be nice and so will I! else annilation ensues....

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How to Throw an Anti-Valentine's Day Party

How to Throw an Anti-Valentine's Day Party

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