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Marriage is Commitment for LIFE.

You are so strong and you could very easily hurt me but you would never dare to, you're rough yet at the same time you love me so gently Vonte.

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Your head on my chest. My arms wrapped around you. A soft whisper, "You are mine and you are safe.

Everything starts with trust.. It is the foundation that a D/s relationship is built on..

I feel you. In my heart and soul. Our hands help to guide each other through our toughest times in Life. My hand is always open to take yours.

"I Aim to Misbehave" from Firefly 9-inch Sticker

I Aim to Misbehave from Firefly Sticker for MacBooks and Apple Devices

Toxic Masculinity Mug - mfm

Toxic Masculinity Mug - mfm

So excited to be able to offer some of my favorite quotes in mug form! They are made using a heat press so the design is bright,colorful and sure to last.

Weaknesses  #jmstorm #jmstormquotes

"She had a weakness for his hands on her neck and his words in her heart, neither of which did she have the willpower to refuse.

his-twisted-kitten: “Freedom in submission.

#submission #trust #healthyrelationships #sub #submissive #ddlg #bdsm

#submission #trust #healthyrelationships #sub #submissive #ddlg #bdsm

#D/s #Dom

I am dominant. In the bed you belong to me and will obey me. But you will be mine. And you will call me master, sir, or daddy.