Paintings by Linnea Strid

Oh you know, nothing much, just a bunch of super rad paintings by Linnea Strid. Such a nice way to get the week started! And yes, I said paintings - PAINTINGS! Oh man, the things people create some.

{pinterest} skylarr_

{pinterest} skylarr_

wow doge gif =D this is the best, I think I've never laughed so hard!

Doge! Such Funny Best Internet Meme Wow

much-doge-very-sama: “ doge-world: “ The infinite doge act II ” wuf wuf dogeception ” Fractal Fest has gone to the dogs

Plain, Patterned, and Bespoke Carpets - Glenearn Flooring

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Christmas Rocky Road - Packed with marshmallows, nuts and white chocolate, this might be the easiest and most addictive holiday treat ever.

Christmas Rocky Road

this is what Reese brings to their second visit at the park. She also brings back the journal.

He looks like a prince

He looks like a prince

Are you interested in our gold glitter vase? With our jam jar vase you need look no further.

Gold Glitter Jar Vase

Emma Bridgewater Black Toast!

A twenty year collection of Emma Bridgewater Black Toast & Marmalade dishes, with some Black Domino Cornishware and Le Creuset thrown in.

Intricate: Some sculptures, such as this cat watching fish in a pond, spread over two cups. Many show popular cartoon characters, such as the three-eyed aliens from Toy Story

The arty latte... or how to turn coffee into sculpture: Japanese artist creates foamy artworks using toothpick and a spoon

Funny pictures about Awesome Latte Art. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Latte Art. Also, Awesome Latte Art photos.

Wow. Just wow. Such emotion in this #portrait #art by Ivana Besevic

Embracing the complexity of being human, Ivana Besevic creates digital portraits that don’t glamorize or glorify. She doesn’t shy away from sadness or pain, and she doesn’t smooth over the red splotches and tear streaks on her subjects’ faces.

Wow, this is some of the most unusual knitweave (?) I've seen Really interesting use of vastly different materials.

knot knitting

Contrasting traditional techniques such as macrame and knot-making with unconventional materials, this project explores architectural forms and optical illusions.

This is like one of my favorite doctor who lines ever and I have finally found it but it is such a sad episode. Goodbye Rose:(

Funny pictures about Daleks vs. Oh, and cool pics about Daleks vs. Also, Daleks vs.

Jungle theme first birthday food ideas   Inspiration animals safari themed party planner wow amazing love pbloggers bloggers creative inspiration

Jungle theme first birthday food ideas Inspiration animals safari themed party…

Navy blue drawing room | How to decorate with blue | Homes & Gardens |

How to decorate with blue

Navy Blue Living Room Ideas House To Home Navy Living Room With Large Scale Art Fireplace And White.