Please.. Don't kill yourself. Let God choose your time, don't do it for him.

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Suicide isnt cowardly

I personally disagree that suicide isn't cowardly but this does highlight the reason suicide often comes about.

This is exactly my thoughts put into words. Exactly. Just so you know.

I don't really want to be happy anymore, I've broken so much I've shattered and i cant be fixed anymore<<I hope you are okay. Forgive but never forget what it taught you.

But in a good way not an I'm embarrassed to be around you. I'm never embarrassed by you though Brian.

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I wish I had that that feeling when your man adores you and thinks you’re the most beautiful creature on the planet is probably a wonderful feeling

Some people just don't understand. We don't do it for attention. Although on here I'm now getting told that I only post this stuff for attention, well that's not why I post this. I hate attention! Thats one thing I don't want! I think I may just delete Pinterest

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My heart grieves... Please know that whatever may happen from this point forward is not in any way a reflection of you. It was truly a privilege and a pleasure to have known you. I cannot thank you enough for the laughs we shared and for the incredible hope and motivation you gave to me. I wouldn't have even made it this far without you and words cannot describe how grateful I am for the patience, kindness and empathy you've shown me. You'll never understand how much I love you. Goodbye my…

**I do not promote suicide** It won't be me who kills myself and ends it. I don't give up that quickly, but I know what will kill me.You the one behind a tablet/computer screen, you will kill me, out of your anger and hatred toward me.