The Terrier and Lobster: Old-Fashioned English Sweets

I used to get a sugar mouse in my stocking every year as a child. intThe Terrier and Lobster: Old-Fashioned English Sweets

How to make sugar mice - a super simple sweet treat for kids to cook this Christmas. They make lovely gifts all wrapped up in pretty bags and tied with ribbon.

Making sugar mice is one of those traditions which make Christmas special. This sugar mice recipe is a tasty treat & so easy to make it's child's play!

For the alternative wedding: a cheese cake with hole-y proportions. #Different #TheJewelleryEditorLoves

15 Eye Catching Cakes To Swoon Over!

something a bit more imaginative than a cheese board. A great alternative to the wedding cake for cheese loving brides & grooms?

White Chocolate Flavour Mice

White Chocolate Flavour Mice - my absolute favourite sweet as a child.

Warrior Girl- art and transformation: Harry Potter Sugar Mice

Warrior Girl- art and transformation: Harry Potter Sugar Mice with Sour Sghetti Tails.

Chocolate nutella and white chocolate and raspberry mice - yes please! Always our favourite pick n' mix sweeties. Full recipe is available on

Chocolate Nutella Mice

These adorable mice have a sweet twist on the traditional pick n’ mix favourite, filled with a white chocolate and raspberry ganache, these white chocolate mice make a delightful gift, or a cheeky treat just for you.

Free 20 Minute Mouse pattern by Sara Hall ...there is something a bit disturbing about this...but would make a good cat toy...

20 Minute Mouse by Sara Hall. This mouse has been tested and pronounced “catproof” ie, it shouldn’t come to pieces with even the most ferocious catnip addict! Blog: Chocolate & Sugar Mice Recipes (& a giveaway too !)

Aren't these chocolate mice ADORABLE ? I had such good fun making them. These are dark chocolate and filled with hazelnut ganache.