Kindness is like sugar. It makes life taste a little sweeter

Cute illustration of sugar packet with quote "kindness is like sugar it makes life taste a little sweeter" on a pink packet of sweet and low sugar substitute hand drawn calligraphy hand lettering

I say Hey sugar, take a walk on the wildside.... Martys Stuff

Take a walk on the wild side neon sign. This would be fun to hang up in room to keep you adventurous!

How To Live With Intent (Even If You're Super Busy & Stressed Out) -

Living with Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy by M. Chopra About two years ago, I approached my father (Deepak Chopra) with a confession. I told him I was generally exhausted, over caffeinated and my sugar addiction was

Huge walk in the sunshine and now fast asleep in their beds. #truelove

Photo (She danced all night...)

↠At the end of the day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling↞

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no sugar, i'm sweet enough black acrylic teacup - cool idea to DIY on a cup