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This vegan gluten-free chocolate orange cake recipe is so rich, moist and decadent without containing any refined sugar, animal products or wheat. Made with ground almonds for lots of moisture and sweetened with whole dates instead of processed sugars so

46 sneaky names for sugar, know what to look out for. #Infographic #Health #Diet

46 sneaky names for sugar-img

Infographic sugar 46 Sneaky Names for Sugar Infographic corn syrup, sorghum, fruit juice concentrate Get a handle on sugar intake with this nutritionist-approved infographic! PLUS: 10 Reasons to Quit Sugar Infographic Diabetes, impaired learning & mem

The incredible 3 ingredient coconut cookies! Vegan, gluten free, sugar free.

3 Ingredient Coconut Cookies

3 Ingredient Healthy Chocolate Banana Cookies | Sugar free, gluten free, vegan, healthy dessert and snack recipe.

3 Ingredient Healthy Chocolate Cookie Recipe (the perfect guilt-free snack!)

3 Ingredient Healthy Chocolate Banana Cookies Sugar free, gluten free, vegan, healthy dessert and snack recipe.

Have that craving for sweets, but don't want to load up on the calories? Here's a fantastic list of 40 low sugar and no sugar desserts!

40 Low Sugar and No Sugar Desserts

You folks know I love sugar. Do I EVER love sugar. But now and then it's so nice to fill that sweet craving with something a little lighter…

Funfetti "Gingerbread" House Toppings |

Funfetti-fied! Funfetti Sugar Cookie House

It’s a funfetti sugar cookie house you guys! Just like the gingerbread houses you made as a kid but WAY better because we teamed up with McCor

Healthy raw red velvet fudge

52 ULTIMATE Healthy Dessert Recipes to Keep You Healthy and Happy (and Sane) All Year Long

Raspberry & Vanilla Chia Seed Jam - A super healthy sugar free jam ready in just ten minutes! Substitute sweetener to honey :-)

Raspberry & Vanilla Chia Seed Jam

Raspberry and Vanilla Chia Seed Jam: Sorry, Grandma—there's a new way to make jam and it's so much better for you. Aside from adding mucho nutrition to a traditionally high-sugar spread, chia seeds also stand in for gelatin as a vegan thickener.

Sugar makes you feel great but leaves you crashing shortly after. There are so many foods that are secretly packed with sugar (and you probably don’t even realize it). Chances are, you won’t realize how much your energy and health can be improved by eliminated added sugar from your diet until you try it.  According to personal trainer Jackie Caroe, if you don’t have proper training and nutrition, you’re only hurting your progress towards your pageant goal! Clean eating means cutting out all…

8 Steps to Eating Less Sugar

We talk a lot about how carbs are not bad for you. Sugar is a simple carb and can be detrimental to your pageant diet. (Read: 56 Sneaky Names for Sugar that are Ruining Your Pageant Diet) Sugar makes you feel great but leaves you cr