One can never go wrong with a grey three-piece, esp. with the bottom button undone on the vest

Another 3 piece suit by Harvey but this time with notched lapels. Decent grey which could be versatile for both night and day - but wont stand out as much as other darker colours at night.

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Discover the most badass, powerful and inspirational Harvey Specter quotes. Here are the top 10 best quotes from the NYC super-lawyer from Suits.

Harvey Spencer: "Never destroy anyone IN PUBLIC when you can accomplish the same result IN PRIVATE." It's about good character. USA Network hit show Suits.

USA Network Original Series - Suits stars Patrick J. Adams as Michael Mike Ross and Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter working at a law firm in NYC.

Ready to break down the week?

When you're backed against then wall, break the god damn thing down.

#OfficeQuotes #Quotes #Suits #Harvey #HarveySpecter #MikeRoss #Employee #Colleague

#OfficeQuotes #Quotes #Suits #Harvey #HarveySpecter #MikeRoss #Employee #Colleague

Suits Harvey Specter quote too funny. Hopefully they will get it right one day! Lol.

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