The Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut, also designated S-32 and S-37 during initial development, was an experimental supersonic jet fighter developed by Sukhoi Aviation Corporation.

Sukhoi Berkut High Manoeuvrability Aircraft Photos Highly Manoeuvrability and high angle of attack, the Berkut (Eagle), initi.

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Fighter Jets in Action on this page lists experimental Sukhoi fighter planes after the Second World War.

The inverted-wing Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut

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The Sukhoi (NATO reporting name: 'Flanker-F') is a Russian experimental multi-role jet fighter aircraft. It is a single seat fighter modified from the generation prototypes for thru.

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Sukhoi Berkut (NATO reporting name Firkin), also designated and during initial development, is an experimental supersonic jet fighter developed by Sukhoi Aviation Corporation.


Red star: The Berkut is an experimental fighter jet built by Russian company Sukhoi in it features a pair of fixed wings that sweep forwards. The high lift-to-drag ratio of the wing design provides enhanced manoeuvrability at supersonic speeds

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When Kaede flew a swept-wing Colonies fighter jet in Prodigy, this is what it looked like. Russia's Sukhoi an experimental aircraft.

Sukhoi S-47 Berkut

Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut



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The Berkut "Golden Eagle" is an experimental forward-swept wing fighter aircraft built for testing purposes.

Su-47 Berkut in volo radente

Isn't it odd that whenever the US comes up with something different in military aircraft design, the Russians will come up with something that looks exactly like it a few years later? This is in essence a copy of the US / Grumman