“What is it about the fire - so calm and peaceful, but inside all power and destruction. It’s hiding something, just like people do. Sometimes you have to get close to find out what’s inside - sometimes you have to get burned to see the truth”

Bamboo leaves on white. Valeria Viscardi - Bamboe tak stunning and not at simple to do as it appears

Haw: Sumi-e ink brush painting, 2012

I'm loving the Sumi-e style. Use this with a Phoenix design? Haw : Sumi-e ink brush painting, 2012

Bamboo http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Oriental-Asian-Chinese-Painting-Ink-Art-Bamboo-Wind-FREE-SHIPPING-/350546778578?pt=Art_Paintingshash=item519e3759d2

Oriental Asian Chinese Painting Ink Art-Bamboo in the Wind

Scenery in Suibokuga (Sumi-e)

Ink painting of pine trees and birds. Scenery in Suibokuga (Sumi-e) style.



Magnificent ink painting with koi fish, only the Japanese can use a brush with ink and make such a simple and divine masterpiece!


Original Sumi-e Paintings "Pine trees in fog" - Set of 2 - Japanese art - Wall decor - ink wash - bamboo brash on Etsy

Yokoyama Taikan

Yokoyama Taikan - Waterfall in Nachi, Of note: Yokoyama Taikan was the pseudonym of a major figure in pre-World War II Japanese painting. He is notable for helping create the Japanese painting technique of Nihonga. His real name was Sakai Hidemaro