River Tam

The 38 Hottest Summer Glau Pictures of All Time

womenwithswords: “ Summer Glau as River Tam in Serenity. I actually saw Serenity first. I kept expecting her to kick more ass during Firefly.

this makes me a little sad. I really miss Firefly.

Summer Glau & Morena Baccarin

What do you think of Summer Glau as Mara Jade? (x/post from r/firefly)

Awesome idea - Summer Glau as Mara Jade. Awesome-er idea-Summer Glau as Jaina Solo, cause Mara Jade will have to be old enough to look normal next to Mark Hamill.

Firefly - River

Summer Glau is best known for her roles in Arrow & Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Check her out as she channels her sexier side for us in photos.