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☆He wasn't even a Japanese, in fact Mongolian, and was a troublemaker, but he was real strong & the tournaments were much more exciting when he was around. *'Yokozuna' is the title for sumō wrestlers of the highest rank.

Chiyonofuji Mitsugu born as Akimoto Mitsugu appears in a ceremony before a match…

Chiyonofuji Mitsugu born as Akimoto Mitsugu appears in a ceremony before a match during the 1983 Kyushu Basho sumo wrestling tournament held in.

Sumo wrestler, ca. 1910, Japan

Unidentified artist 'Japanese warrior' c. 1910 Vintage silver gelatin print 9 x 14

Fantastic shot. For the sumo wrestlers' inside story, see: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006C1I5K8

Chiyonofuji is the YOKOZUNA of sumo wrestler. He was one of the greatest YOKOZUNA of recent times. Sumo wrestler is not only being fat.

Goji (referee) leading sumo wrestlers to the ring.  Women may not enter the sumo ring.  It's a holy place.

Sumo referee Shonosuke Kimura leads dew-sweeper (forerunner) Kyokutenho (C) and sumo grand champion Hakuho of Mongolia before Hakuho performs his ring entry forms to dedicate to the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan.

Yokozuna Hakuho - Sumo Wrestler, Japan. S)

Great Yokozuna, Hakuho(from Mongolia) - Sumo Wrestler, Japan.

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Lutteurs Sumo. Tasayutaka et Toyohibikijpg 640x476 18 photos qui ont marqué lHistoire du Sport

18 photos qui ont marqué l'Histoire du Sport

Sumo wrestlers Tosayutaka, right, and Toyohibiki fall to the ground during their bout in the grand summer tournament at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan sumo arena Photo: AP

Sumo wrestler by lordeeas

Sumo wrestler by lordeeas could be a RPG or D&D race/class XD I would love it !

Shintoism - Sumo Wrestling - Many ancient traditions have been preserved in sumo, such as the use of salt purification, from the days when sumo was used in the Shinto religion. Life as a rikishi is highly regimented, with rules laid down by the Sumo Association. Most sumo wrestlers are required to live in communal "sumo training stables" known in Japanese as heya where all aspects of their daily lives, from meals to their manner of dress, are dictated by strict tradition.

artelino - Famous Yokozuna, Japanese Sumo Wrestling Grand Champions, depicted on modern woodblock prints.