Image detail for -Art. Paper. Scissors. Glue!: Sunflowers and Sculptures add it to a very layered mural... Whole school Does some sort of hand/ landscape...

Spring - 15 Homeschooling Freebies

Sunflower Hand Sculptures Materials: - Paper Plates (one for each child) - Black Tempera Paint - Paintbrushes - Brown Tissue Paper - Yellow Construction Paper - Scissors - Glue

Teaching Fourth: Beautiful Bulletin Boards

Beautiful Bulletin Boards

I'm Kelly, and I love teaching fourth grade! Join me as I share classroom ideas and teaching resources. I love creating resources that help your students think deeply as well as make teachers' lives a little less stressful.

DIY Sun Bulletin Board Set

DIY Sun Bulletin Board Set

Do It Yourself Sun Bulletin Board Set. This colorful DIY project makes quite the treat for your entire class to complete during spring or summer classes!

This would be a cute idea for our sunday school bulletin board in the summer.

This would be a cute idea for our sunday school bulletin board in the summer.-- Cute for the baby's class room door and it goes with VBS theme

3D sun-- yellow napkins pinched in the middle and stapled in a circle with a yellow plate in the center. She explains how to make the curly border here:

Today my wonderful contractor put up a beautiful tall fence and gate. Maddie the Lab stayed home to supervise, and Lucy went to school with.