The use of collage here is really nice. Taking a small object like an orange and putting it in the place of something huge, like the sun, makes this world seem small. There is a nice sense of foreground, middle ground, and background that draws the viewer through the image.

A kid riding his scooter in a sunset landscape where the road ends in an orange instead of a sun

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☼ Sun Yellow Watercolour ~ i love water colours on water colour paper!

।।हे महाप्रभू आपकी लीला अमर ।।    आकाश से करते नभवाणी ।  जब जब होती धर्म की नाहीं  ।  धरती करती त्राही त्राही ।  कंस रावण पापी अन्यायी ।  अंत करेंगे श्री कृष्ण रघुराई ।  हे महाप्रभू आपकी लीला अमर ।    आत्मा पवित्रों  में  पवित्र ।  उत्पत्ति सूर्य से विचित्र ।  हिन्दुत्व रहे कृत कृत ।  सबका आप ही में हित ।  स्मरण हो भगवान का नित्य ।  हे महाप्रभू आपकी लीला अमर ।

Sketch of Sun Tattoos Designs Pictures - Cute yellow sun - The sun sets - Sunset Picture - Sun tattoo design color variation.

Sun moon and stars trinket dish natural wooden by RockeryCottage

Sun moon and stars trinket dish, natural wooden bowl, teak bowl designed by…