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And next thing you know its Sunday night and you're wondering where the hell the two days went and go into panic mode at everything you didnt do!

Bah haha!!!

Someone has taken a photo of me as I leave the house in the morning and after lunch.That look when you don't want to go to work. or school.

Matey bubble bath

Matey Bubble Bath Why did Matey have to change the old version of this bubble bath? Fab bottle and it used to make your bath water blue - bring it back!

30 Hilarious Minions Memes #Minion #Memes

30 Hilarious Minions Memes

Hahahaha me, like I can be praying and then I forget what I am doing and then I starting thinking of random things. Then I finally remember what I was doing and then go back to praying. Hey ADD is hard and funny sometimes.

18 Of The Best Minion Jokes, Quotes And Sayings love quotes life quotes funny quotes quote life cute quotes funny quotes humor minion quotes

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I thought the person was pulling some demented bloody teeth out of that dog and then I realized it was a cupcake.