A vintage sunflower image has been used to create these charming earrings. A great gift for any gardener or nature lover, the floral image is printed onto heavy archival paper and adhered to a 1” epoxy cap. The same image is decoupaged to the rear (see last photo for close-up).

Sunflower Earrings Flower Jewelry by CottageImaginations on Etsy


The Sunflower Basket is the first basket in the series of Literature for the Young Lady. (If you haven't read the introductory post, please do so before reading further!) Plan on taking at least 9 weeks with this basket, perhaps.

If you're going to be feminine and use flowers to represent you or your work, then its best to know what the flowers represent. Who you are and how you chose to present yourself, is important.

Meaningful flowers for your bouquet

Lotus flowers meanings can take on a devout meaning of ascension, enlightenment, or rebirth. Flowers and herbs have been held in high regard for thousands

Sunflower image I by Emile Nolde (1867-1956, Germany)Emile Nolde (German~Danish 1867~1956) | He was one of the first Expressionists, a member of Die Brücke.Artist Emile NoldeFosterginger.Pinterest.ComMore Pins Like This One At FOSTERGINGER @ PINTEREST No Pin Limitsでこのようなピンがいっぱいになるピンの限界

Sunflower image I by Emile Nolde Germany)Emile Nolde (German~Danish

sunflower cutouts | Free Sunflower Stencil to Print and Cut Out

Free Stencils Collection: Flower Stencils

Have some creative fun with my collection of flower stencils, which you& free to use for your personal craft projects.