Sunk costs

It only costs $10, but it will make you smile every time you open the cabinets

A homeowner HATES under the sink clutter. Her solution? Simple and brilliant!

Need help with your kitchen organization? This frugal under the sink organizing hack will make you smile every time you open the cabinets in your kitchen.

The Just-World Fallacy « You Are Not So Smart

The sunk cost fallacy is when someone makes a rational decision based on the future value of objects, investments and experiences. This article discusses how the popular computer game Farmville displays the sunk cost fallacy.

Rather than using standard cabinetry, consider creating a sink vanity out of an old dresser. A cabinetmaker can cut a hole in the top of the dresser to fit a drop-in sink. Cover the top of the dresser with a slab of countertop in the material of your choice. Paint the dresser a punchy color to update it even further

Freshen Your Bathroom with Low-Cost Updates

Signature Bathroom Design & Renovation Tips A little matchy matchy but I like how clean it design ideas bathroom design design

Belen A: This article helps portray the danger that making decisions based on sunk costs can bring. I liked it because it helped give a clear idea of the concept by placing the reader in 3 scenarios where he would have to make decisions while putting aside sunk costs and re evaluating what is actually important. It makes it clear why these costs should not be relevant to managers when it comes to decision making. The bottom line is how good money should not be thrown away after something…

The Sunk Cost Fallacy: The Surprising Reason Why People Cling to Jobs and Investments Longer Than They Should

How to Install Wet Underfloor Heating | Homebuilding & Renovating

An underfloor heating system is an essential for today's self-builders, yet it can also be installed retrofit. In this article Robbens Systems presents a DIY guide to installing your own 'wet' underfloor heating system

A British company has begun selling a flat-pack mini-house, which is said to be as easy to assemble as an Ikea bookcase - £6.5k. Bargain!

Could YOU build a flatpack house? Home in a box costs just £6,500. But is it really as easy to build as an IKEA bookcase? We gave one brave dad a week to try

White bathroom with long rectangular mirror and twin basins

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