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Superhero activities: Cute Online Superhero Name Generator: Makes up your superhero name & tells you your super power. Quick, easy and fun computer activity.

The Superhero Name Generator: Get a random selection of names or have the name generator create a name based on your name. Reveal your superhero self!

Superhero outline, add student headshot

A few different printable superhero designs. These would be great for the board in our room because the kids looooove all things superhero!

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"As an official defender of justice, please be sure to keep your Super Hero license and registration with you at all times. Congratulations on your completion of the Super Hero academy and Official Super Hero Status.

Entertaining | Kids Party Inspiration  My kiddos Superhero party was a hit! They had so much fun.    As each hero arrived, they got suited u...

Michaels has them 10 for Supercraft.make your own superhero. Cutouts from Michaels-preglue cape and mask, kids do the rest. Good wind down activity

An Iron-Man Head and Hulk Legs?!  Sure, Why Not?!!!  This free mix and match printable is a sure win with your Super Hero fans!

Superhero Mix and Match Puzzles -- Freebie! My superhero fan will love this!Tap The Link And Save up to On Our Massive Sale!

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Superhero School - Superhero Training for Kids

Make learning time more thrilling with these kick-butt superhero themed activities! Learn how with "No Time for Flash Cards.

Self portraits as super heroes. Would be great to do right before the OAA test to lift spirits and encouragement

Self portraits as super heroes-could be a good sub plan:If you were a superhero, what would your name be? What would be your superpower?

Ant-Man - one of the best super hero movies.  Wonderful!!!  Powerful redemptive story.  Paul Rudd is perfect.  Evangeline Lily, Michael Douglas, amazing.  Must See!!

Ant-Man (2015)

Ant-Man - one of the best super hero movies. Paul Rudd is perfect. - visit to grab an unforgettable cool Super Hero T-Shirt!

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Free Superhero Word Bubble Printable

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Thank Goodness for... The PTA! (What the Teacher Wants!)