Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/239499763/super-hero-photo-booth

Concept easily adapted for Hollywood nights with navy/ black background & stars, film roll or green bushes in front?

19. A Creative Coctail #modcloth #wedding  Super hero cocktails

Avengers-themed Cocktail Recipes

The Avengers mixed drinks. Someday, I'll have an adult Avengers themed party. And it'll be awesome. Can I have a Captain America? The drink would be cool too.

Find your Snarky Super Hero Name:  http://holykaw.alltop.com/find-your-snarky-superhero-name/

Find your Snarky Super Hero name. If I use my maiden name I am Sneering Mad Woman; married name is sneering dare devil…I like my maiden name. Sneering mad woman fits right now.

7 Habits/Leader in Me lesson-- 2nd grade "Super Leaders"!

Superhero portraits: "Heroes & Sheroes" self- portrait artwork. Make sure students put their names in the same place (preferably bottom left) for credit in hallway displays.

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Does the supergirl and flash crossover mean than all the three(flash,arrow and supergirl) can have a crossover?

Behavioral Chart: Superhero Theme #classroommanagement #firstgrade

Behavioral Chart: Superhero Theme :) Use Clothes pin to decorate into students favorite super hero. Look at other poster to define each behavior

Genderbend; genderbent; genderswap; rule 63; Avengers; marvel

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