Point, Line, Plane Mario Brothers and Level-up Leadership: Social Entrepreneurship, Gamification, and Religion

Mario Brothers and Level-up Leadership: Social Entrepreneurship, Gamification, and Religion

Super Mario Bros 2 - 1988 ony nes in japan is different game sequel of supermario bros 1 1985 relased in 1986

19 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Super Mario Bros.

ICYDK Super Mario Bros 2 on the NES is actually the Japanese NES game Doki Doki Panic with the main characters changed to Mario characters, which explains why it's so different than the other Mario games.

Do You Remember...Super Mario Bros 1 (1985) [NES] A timeless classic, one of the most important videogames of all time. Super Mario Bros. (Sūpā Mario Burazāzu) is a platform video game developed by Nintendo in late 1985 and published for the Nintendo Entertainment System as a sequel to the 1983 game Mario Bros. In Super Mario Bros, the titular characters seek to rescue Princess Toadstool (later renamed Princess Peach) of the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser, king of the Koopas.

Teaching your RPG group a new system is just like playing Super Mario, no really. A brilliant insight into GMing the Super Mario Way.

Tom Whalen é um americano que consegue trazer uma bela combinação de cores em artes vetoriais chapadas, deixando tudo bem limpo e bonito! Queria poder postar tudo, mas aqui estão as que mais gostei :) Para ver mais das suas artes clique aqui!

Arte Geek da semana: Tom Whalen

I need this for our Game wall! Tom Whalen inspired by Super Mario Bros. The Old School Video Game Art Show at in Venice, California had over 90 artists create original works inspired by classic video games.

Power Up Evolution by Brother Brain. Super Mario Bros. (NES) Nintendo 1985.Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) Nintendo 1988.Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) Nintendo 1990. Super Mario World (SNES) Nintendo 1991. Super Mario All-Stars (SNES) Nintendo 1993.

Power Up Evolution by Brother Brain. 3 (NES) Nintendo Super Mario World (SNES) Nintendo Super Mario All-Stars (SNES) Nintendo Look how they've changed over the years

Mario's Gallery of Power-Ups (1985-1996) by =Captain-Regenold on deviantART

- Motivation struck again for Mario imagery, so here's a collection of old Power Ups Mario has made use of in the past. These Power-Ups Incl. Mario's Gallery of Power-Ups

Mario Match Canvas Prints

Awesome idea for a Mario nursery! Matching game from Super Mario Bros 3 on stretched canvas.