Absolutely NOTHING compares with the splendor of creation in the wild.......Resilient, determined, flexible, courageous, breathtaking.......

The Grand Canyon is one of the most mystical places on Earth. Supermoon at Point Imperial, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona by Jason Hines

My favorite super moon picture (Calgary, Canada)

My favorite super moon picture (Calgary, Canada)

Super Moon by Lars van de Goor

Full Moon + Winter + Barren Trees + Black and White + Photography~~Holding the Moon by Lars van de Goor~~

Super moon and it's beautiful!

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Super Moon: June 23 2013: share with someone special; it is the closet the moon will be to the earth.

The biggest, brightest Moon of the year is almost here. On June a Supermoon will be larger and brighter than a typical Full Moon, and this won't occur again until August, Or it will be overcast and we missed the whole thing!

Full Moon Water Ritual ~ Harness the powerful energy of the super moon to make your dreams come true. Moon Water Magic can be the perfect cleansing and purifying

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The image above was created by stitching together 32,000 separate photographs of the moon taken over half an hour to produce one of the most detailed pictures of the lunar surface ever produced, revealing details like the debris thrown out from impact craters

Moon shown in highest resolution yet in image made of 32,000 pictures

Polish photographer Bartosz Wojczyski took the images over half an hour from his balcony Piekary Iskie, Poland. He spent six hours stitching together separate images to create the final photograph.

2014 Tall Ships Races - Harlingen (Netherlands) under a "Super Moon."…

A beautiful photo of a boat sailing under a full moon. A night sailing on the water under a full moon has to be a pleasure.