Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS character poster

Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin confirmed for Smash Bros. 4 / - Official Illustration by Yusuke Kozaki <-- Yay Super Smash Bros.

Guy Asks His Parents to Name Super Smash Bros. Characters

Guy Asks His Parents to Name Super Smash Bros. Characters [Pic]

I asked my mom and dad if they could name the Super Smash Brothers Characters. Epic Answers > I laughed so hard. I had to go to my parent's house and ask them now.

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mikeluckas: “ all dem smash bruddahs. Plus cut characters and alts. The miis are Sakurai, Reggie, and Iwata. I’m never drawing 80 characters in one image ever again 」∠)_ ” I added in Young Link! I can’t believe I forgot him.

#Bayonetta in #Smash_Bros | Illustration / Eiji Funahashi (PlatinumGames)

tabletorgy: whmsy: Bayonetta’s Smash Illustration by Eiji Funahashi (PlatinumGames) this is the best smash illustration so far!

Super Smash Bros! by on @deviantART

argcomic: “Giant Smash 4 Print I did! Availble to buy HERE!

Super Smash Bros.: Pikachu, Link, Ness, Lucas, Kirby, Pichu, Toon Link, Popo (Ice Climber) (by やまかじ, Pixiv Id 2687461)

Miyamoto is gonna be real steamed. View "Videogame Characters: The Early Days" and more funny posts on Dorkly