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I love video games because they help me escape reality. And they are a good way to pass time

Robin/Lucina poster. One of the best posters yet imo :)

Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin confirmed for Smash Bros. 4 / - Official Illustration by Yusuke Kozaki <-- Yay Super Smash Bros.

(*** - You'll never put this Android/iPhone game down! ***) Cambios de apariencia según el campo donde estén.

This is amzing (i know this only has ike in it but its going on fire emblem board)

Preeeety much < "I'M REALLY FEELING IT" HAHAHAHAHA<<I LOVE THIS PERSON <-- LoL Ya'll are too much. -w-

Now if you play Super Smash Bros for Wii U. It'll that Sonic is actually the…

Guy Asks His Parents to Name Super Smash Bros. Characters

Guy Asks His Parents to Name Super Smash Bros. Characters [Pic]

I asked my mom and dad if they could name the Super Smash Brothers Characters. Epic Answers > I laughed so hard. I had to go to my parent's house and ask them now.

Messy Impacto -Smash Bros by on @DeviantArt

"Final Smash" beautiful fan art depicting what its like to play Smash Bros

ANYONE WITH A 3DS ADD ME!! FRIEDN CODE 4657 - 0031 - 8341 WE CAN BATTLE, just comment your code ^*^

mikeluckas: “ all dem smash bruddahs. Plus cut characters and alts. The miis are Sakurai, Reggie, and Iwata. I’m never drawing 80 characters in one image ever again 」∠)_ ” I added in Young Link! I can’t believe I forgot him.