Phonics - Decoding for Superheroes #LearningIsFun

Could send them on a mission with extensive messages sent in envelopes for their clues. Works on reading and decoding skills. Phonics - Decoding for Superheroes

Entertaining | Kids Party Inspiration  My kiddos Superhero party was a hit! They had so much fun.    As each hero arrived, they got suited u...

Michaels has them 10 for Supercraft.make your own superhero. Cutouts from Michaels-preglue cape and mask, kids do the rest. Good wind down activity

#superhero word bubbles 3 free printable

Free Superhero Word Bubble Printable

Popsicle Stick Superheroes - haha - so cute!

Popsicle Stick Superheroes - Kid Craft

super hero masks | Superhero Mask Printable Templates Coloring Pages Pictures

Printable super hero masks - Hours of Fun! Color them the way they want, glue to a cereal box, cut & use pipe cleaners to wrap around (or elastic) So simple & fun! Halloween, birthdays… **variation: use foam sheets!

Cool Ideas Superhero

Batman/batgirl party Super Hero Party Stations Super breath- bubbles Detonating bombs- stomping small balloons Web slinging- cans of silly string spray.