Supernatural comic con

Wizard World Comic Con Conclusion

ChrisH and Tom are all, "I wuv my brother~" While Seb's like, "I can't do this today! I want to go home Chris(E)!" And Chris can just go, "aww just a while longer honey"

The Supernatural cast... such dorks. Lovable dorks.

brandnewgen: “Those guys know how to make an entrance! (at San Diego Convention Center) ”

Cas eventually shows as dean, destiel keep assuming they are dating and cosplaying the ship and asking them to make out.

Yes please wait so can Cas join and be Dean and have a resting Dean face and keep saying "SAMMY" in the gruffest most non-Dean voice ever? (Also I want cas in a leather jacket and jeans ;

how I react when I see my best friend (gif) THIS IS SO AWESOME, I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING

this is how all the groomsmen reacts to his groom with the best man before when the bride shows up how stunned she is lol yeah i love this from jared lol

So I've totally had this discussion...the response was that by definition...the whole END of the world precludes that there can be multiple

Mark: “It’s a single event, you can’t have plurals of apocalypse!” Jared: “Then what’s an apocalae?” Mark: “It’s a creature on Doctor Who!” When i started to wack supernatural i started to see and hear doctor who reffricens so this is funny!

Mark Shepard and John Barrowman at Comicon. You're welcome.

Mark Shepard sitting on John Barrowman's lap at Comic Con IS THIS REAL LIFE?<<<is it wrong to find this adorable?