I don't know if I should be happy for destiel or cry because they all hate themselves.

Not a Destiel person but the rest. truest thing I have seen all day.the self loathing in this show is just unbelievable. Even Chuck hates himself low key and he is literally God.

My husband says, "aww come on!? You can't be THAT cool!! You've got to spread it around, otherwise it's just cheating!"

The Batmobile was built on a Chevy Impala frame. Dean Winchester really is Batman!

How could I ? This is true love right there DAMNIT. Like for real, true love.

Yes. I know a lot of people ship Destiel and I'm my pressured into it. Real love here, guys, and it's clear as day and its precious

Clothes, shorts, shorts, a Castiel, flannel... moment. What is doing cas in your closet? Also naked!!!! XD

Clothes, shorts, shorts, a Castiel, flannel. What is doing cas in your closet? Also naked!

How are teachers think we use foreshadowing vs how we actually use foreshadowing (To ship gay couples)<-- that

I don't think this ship will ever come true, to be honest. But this is still funny, and I still have a Destiel board!

Well I've dun fucked up

It doesn't even matter what your ship on the show at this point, this is still gonna be true XD

CRYING CRYING OMG OML IM COMPROMISED EMOTIONALLY my biased shipping of destiel aside this is BEAUTIFUL

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