Supernatural Drinking Game - We're playing this I hope you know @ Ambur Hrooshkin

14 Ways To Get Really Drunk While Watching Your Favorite TV Shows

Supernatural Drinking Bingo aka Kripke's guide to alcohol poisoning. i hate the fact that i love this show so much.

This is so not safe because given the right episode, all this happens...sometimes many times. LOL

Supernatural jeez u could die playing this game. They do all of that stuff twice in the first ten minutes !

Supernatural Ultimate Drinking Game Crowley's Kiss 1 part Kahlua 1 part Amaretto 1 part Bailey's Topped with whipped cream Castiel's Lullaby 1 part UV Blue Raspberry Vodka (blue) 1 part Malibu Rum 1 part Pineapple Juice Topped with a red cherry and rim the glass with sugar Demon Trap 1 part Vanilla Vodka 2 parts Cranberry Juice Float a thin slice from a small orange -- make sure you cut so the orange is a full circle, like the trap, before placing on top! Demon's Blood-tini....

The Ultimate 'Supernatural' Drinking Game with Demon-inspired Cocktails

SUPERNATURAL Drinking Game of Doom – Happy New Year! | Three Chic Geeks

supernatural drinking game of doom - Take a shot if: Cas & Dean are having eye sex, something is being violently killed, Cas does not unders.

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Supernatural DRINKING GAME! Get ready to be drunk 15min into one episode

Supernatural DRINKING GAME! Get ready to be drunk 15min into one episode

The Official Supernatural Drinking Game (Hardcore Edition) ... I drank water to it lol but it's hilarious

Okay, normally when you play a TV drinking game, you have to watch an ENTIRE episode looking for scenes to drink to. But we Supernatural fans are tougher tha.

supernatural drinking game, great way to end my wednesdays

The Supernatural drinking game...

Supernatural Drinking Game: Season 1 Sip for some, shot for a few, and chug your drink for a couple of things!

Supernatural Drinking Game: Season 1

Inspiration & encouragement for 20 somethings who have no idea what to do with their lives.

Supernatural drinking game

Also Known As the "Get Drunk REALLY Fast" Game :] xD This should be the best drinking game ever I love supernatural :D