15 Reasons Why Being Part of the Supernatural Family is the Best

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Supernatural gag reel "Sincere Espresso" season 12 episode 5 "The One You've Been Waiting For"

I have the GIF pinned on the GIF board, but here we go anyway. That smile is too irresistable.

The look on Jensen Ackles face is priceless. Btw if I were that leaf I wouldn't wanna let go of his face either.

First time I watched this episode I thought it looked like Jared was going to laugh then turned away. Then I saw it on a gag reel...and now Jared explains what happened. I knew it!

Jensen improvised the "SON OF A BITCH" at the end of Bad Day At Black rock & Jared couldn't control his laugh.

The secrets out!!!

The season 11 gag reel is the best thing to ever bless the face of the earth. Haha but it's seriously the best one.