Jared Padalecki on the depression stigma #AlwaysKeepFighting

Jared Padalecki Reveals Depression Struggle: "There's No Shame"

Jared Padalecki on the depression stigma All the more reason I adore this man. Please never stop fighting Jared. You and Jensen are a light of hope for a lot of us. Thank you for all you've done for us.

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Im Jensen, I'm and I'm a nurse here! I love all the patients, and I want to help them. I haven't seen supernatural before but, this man is very attractive.

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21 lecciones de estilo de Audrey Hepburn que toda chica puede aprender

swinginglamour: “ Audrey Hepburn photographed for Vogue by Norman Parkinson, at the La Vigna villa in Albano Laziale, Lazio, Italy in ”

- Rock Never Dies 12x07 -<-- best comment I saw about Dean I this outfit was... only show ever to put the actor in more clothes and have the fandom go nuts!

- Rock Never Dies - aka the episode with the outfit Dean wore that nearly killed me 😍🙌👌

#Supernatural - Season 11 Episode 17 I feel like Sam never gets the praise he deserves. He's a bad ass too!

Supernatural - Season 11 Episode Red Meat<--aka, How long does it take a moose to die?<< aka, how Sam Winchester is strong