[gifset] Poor baby.... 7x03 The Girl Next Door #SPN #Dean.... this is why we have bed alarms

This is supposed to represent margaret and bricks argument in the play when brick gets up and falls to the ground and this guy looks drunk.

Listening to the commentary for the last episode of 7 both Sara gamble and another producer spent many hours tossing dick jokes around once his name was finalized

This is the reason he was named Dick. And if you stand too close to exploding Dick, you go to Purgatory

And not to mention season 7 finale when meg drives it into the roman enterprises sign

the Ghost Facers are the longest surviving characters

Love Felicia Day!

[SET OF GIFS] The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo. I love Charlie, and this scene just personifies her for me . "peace out bitches" Love it!

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Supernatural gag reel "Sincere Espresso" season 12 episode 5 "The One You've Been Waiting For"

The Supernatural Side of Tumblr part 3 - Imgur

The Supernatural Side of Tumblr part 3

Season 7 was literally the writers thinking: "Hmmm. How many dick jokes can we get into this season.

Bahaha, Garth! 7×18 Party On, Garth

Garth: Cause Mr. Fizzles can sense when you’re being a…LIAR. "Party On, Garth"

[GIFSET] 7x08 Time For A Wedding. His reaction is soooo priceless. He was expecting a hunt, something that would need killing. But nothing in the universe could have prepared him for his brother getting married. I love this part sooo much

If it was after a normal courtship and to anybody but Becky, he'd be surprised, but fine with it. I'd react the same way if my bro would get hitched after four days, to someone you know spells trouble.


The road so far. << maybe a certain *someone* will believe me now that Sam never went back to college in the middle of season or 4 (she kept insisting, and I kept telling her no that's not what happened)