OKAY GUYS LET ME BE HONEST WITH YOU... I need to watch Sherlock and Doctor who... BUT I know so much stuff bc TUMBLR! But yeah I'll watch it. GUYS I NEED SUPERWHOLOCK OKAY IS GOLDEN

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How is the Sherlock fandom sane? Like, on what planet?

Doctor Who | Supernatural | Sherlock | Superwholock

Doctor Who + Supernatural + Sherlock = SuperWhoLock!

sherlock^^^yeah, I don't think school ever taught me anything important… I can't remember most of it

I could live in my phandom universe forever and be totally fulfilled.

Gif set: #Destiel #Johnlock Sherlock and Dean

Gif set: Sherlock and Dean . Also, Dean calls Sherlock "cheekbones". I am dead.

SuperWhoLock.......................I LOVE THE FACT THAT THE QUOTE IS HARRY POTTER

How did you manage to put a dumbledore quote on a superwholock post?

Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural - mix them all together and you get something very, very dangerous.

I'm in the doctor who and sherlock fandoms but havent seen supernatural yet. I have work to do

What is the reality ?!

What is the reality

If you watch doctor who the movie, the person who takes him to the hospital writes his name down as John Smith, since he didn't know it yet. Unless he's John Smith in the classic series too then I don't know

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Supernatural and Sherlock are WAY too close now. And both Mary's have died (SPOILER!)

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Supernatural and Sherlock are WAY too close now.>> Why do you think Sherlock was one of the first to defend SPN in the SPN vs Beliebers war?

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superwholock, supernatural, doctorwho, sherlock ---------------------- and guess what they all wear trench coats