Support Looks Like... handout from  ... using this as a springboard to an art tx directive

This handout could be useful for working with families/friends of the individual you are working with. So often people want to be supportive, but are not quite sure how. Support Looks Like. handout from rectherapyideas.

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Puzzle Memorials and Goodbye Letters for Grief Groups

Psychosocial goal: Bereavement support group, in remembrance of loved ones. Writing messages to loved ones and you are not alone in missing your loved one.

Mental Health Group Activities and Ideas | Helpful ideas for counselors to use with clients in group.

Helpful ideas for counselors to use with clients in group. Some of these would nicely adapt to Music Therapy groups

Phonics Indoors and Out! Hunt for the bottle tops and see how many sentences the children can make and photograph.

Love this idea for indoor or outdoor phonics. Would support Letters & Sounds Phase 4 'sentence substitution' type games or simple sentence construction games (which could include punctuation or connectives)

Learn with Play at Home: Counting and Grouping with Sticks. Playful Maths

Counting and Grouping with Sticks. Playful Maths

Here are the printable forms that I've used in my own homeschooling and in homeschool support groups. These are for your personal use or use in your homeschool support group.

Free Homeschool Record Keeping Forms You Can Print

Printable homeschool record keeping forms available for you to use including attendance records, progress report forms, transfer of records forms and more.

Is your support group getting a bit depressing? If so, it is time for some icebreaker ideas to bring the joy back (before it's too late!) This site has some clever ideas to keep things on a positive note when dealing with difficult challenges of leading a group

IS YOUR SUPPORT GROUP GETTING DEPRESSING? Here are some fresh ideas for groups of those with chronic illness to keep the smiles coming despite the tough topics and the reality of illness and pain.

KUDOS Kids Understanding Divorce Or Separation Small Group Curriculum

Kids Understanding Divorce Or Separation Group Counseling Program

Kids Understanding Divorce Or Separation Group Counseling Program or KUDOS is a 10 week small group curriculum that can also be used with individuals designed

UNO inspired Coping with Grief game. Helping young people cope with the death and loss of a loved one. Helpful for family therapy and grief support groups.

COPING with GRIEF *UNO® inspired Card Game to Cope with Death, Loss & Grieving

Simple and non threatening way to help families understand and cope with grief. Helps portray loss and grief as more "normal" not something scary

How to find a homeschool support group

Benefits of a homeschool group

Support — it is the one thing that every homeschool family needs. There are many advantages to joining a homeschool support group.