Surrealist manifesto

Frontispiece for Second Surrealist Manifesto  Salvador Dalí (Spanish, 1904–1989)    1930. Ink and gouache on paper

Frontispiece for Second Surrealist Manifesto, Salvador Dalí (Spanish, Ink and gouache on paper. Museum of Modern Art, New York.

I love the way the creator of this image had fragmented and image of a person into meaningful words and i think this image is very inspirational.

Could use words related to image. * photo of gymnast is personal to me (from: hidden identity photography.

The Surrealist Manifesto (Salvador Dali) / 11 Manifestos That Could Change Your Art & Life (via BuzzFeed Community)

11 Manifestos That Could Change Your Art & Life


The Surrealist Manifesto by Andre Breton

Infinite Divisibility by: Yves Tanguy

Image by Yves Tanguay at a site which has a great history of Surrealism and text from the original surrealist manifesto by Breton.

Tipico prodotto dada è il ready-made (già fatti o già pronti), un prodotto ordinario tolto dall'oggetto originario e messo in mostra come opera d'arte. Quindi un'opera d'arte può essere qualsiasi cosa, quindi come conseguenza nulla è arte. L'opera dell'artista non consiste quindi nella sua abilità manuale, ma nelle idee che riesce a proporre. Infatti, il valore dei «ready-made» è solo nell'idea.

POST: 'The Duchamp Syndrome' Perhaps the happy ending was the one he never got.

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