Just give it up to God. Surrender. Let it go. That sounds lovely but if you don’t know how to do it, it’s just words that make you feel more stressed. So, how do you actually let go? An…

4 simple steps to surrender, to let go of your worries, to let go of anxiety and to let go of what you need to release using prayer and meditation

God does great things thru surrendered people ~ Jennie Allen

God does great things through surrendered people ~ Jennie Allen

August Affirmation..Iyanla Vanzant

Let go, and surrender your life to God. God knows the plans He has for you to reach your destiny. Surrender and Trust Him with your life.


21 Inspiring Quotes on Trusting God When It Feels Impossible

If you’re finding it hard to bring your thoughts around to trusting God in this season, here is a roundup of 21 quotes we hope will inspire your faith.

We all have dreams that we’re believing God for and situations...

We all have dreams that we’re believing God for and situations... (Spiritual Inspiration)

I surrender all I surrender all All to Thee, my blessed Savior, I surrender all. I surrender, I wanna know You more, I wanna know You more. (via love-like-jesus-did)

Momma Mia Moments : Complete Surrender - I Surrender All

I surrender all to the LORD! Everything! Every part of me! All of my dreams! And I receive His dream for me!

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Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it. Succinct and SO true.

When your holding on  and  God is ready to give you your blessing it won't happen until you let go and give it to Him

I'm a controlling person. I don't let go easily. So when I do, I let GO 👌

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Change my heart oh God,/Make it ever true./Change my heart oh God,/May I be like you./You are the Potter,/ I'll be the clay./Mold me and make me,/ This is what I pray.

Leaving all that I can't control to God was the most wonderful and important lesson I learned in this life!

Let God do His work! I love Miss Clara! I should have not tried to fix everything myself I should have let God be the leader and I should have gotten out of the way so he could do what only he can do.

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