Sushi Cats… Some people have waaaay too much time on their hands.  But did it make me laugh : )  Yep

Sushi Cats…

Funny pictures about The Sushi Cats. Oh, and cool pics about The Sushi Cats. Also, The Sushi Cats photos.

Community Post: 20 Adorable 'Pusheen The Cat' Gifs

20 Adorable 'Pusheen The Cat' Gifs

Community: 20 Adorable 'Pusheen The Cat' Gifs - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!

Cats at the such I bar tumbex - : catsbeaversandducks:Cute illus... (113163974578)

bgtea: “catsbeaversandducks: “Cute illustrations by Ms. Cat ” This is single handedly the best post ever.

Sushi CAT  All done Signed and matted print by bluebirdiesinger, $20.00

in the Sushi Cat Series of "All done! I was inspired by the messy tables peo. Sushi Cat All Done

SUSHI CAT Tempura Udon Signed print by by BluebirdieBootique, $20.00

Catsparella: Etsy Find: Sushi Cats By Blue Birdie's Bootique

sushi cat gif - Google Search << excuse you sir that is a rice ball not sushi << actually it's onigiri

What Pusheen ARE YOU?

Sashimi Sweetite Sushi Cat Matted Print by BluebirdieBootique, $20.00

Sashimi Sweetie Sushi Cat Print by Christina Siravo