SWAMP THING #25 by Jesus Saiz

Swamp Thing (DC Comics) cover by Jesus Saiz Release DateWed, November 2013

Alan #Moore - Saga of the Swamp Thing Vol. 1 - The issues collected here were groundbreaking not just for Moore but for comics as a whole. Swamp Thing was reportedly the first series that abandoned the Comics Code and composed solely for adults, and Moore’s issues created characters like John Constantine and crossover successes like Hellblazer and The Sandman.

Review: Alan Moore's Seminal Swamp Thing Resurfaces

Swamp Thing - A great graphic novel about the journey of ego loss and the happiness and oneness it brings.

Reason enough for the 1981 movie to exist. this comic came back, and Alan Moore wrote for it some wonderful stories. Saga of the Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing 1 cover by YanickPaquette on deviantART

New 52 Swamp Thing/Animal Man Reading Order - Swamp Thing - Comic Vine

Swamp Thing with a flower.

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The finished Swamp Thing, for the #HeroesCon art auction.

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davewachter: “Swamp Thing for the Heroes Con art auction this weekend.