Sweet peas

sweet peas. 1st time growing this year, fingers crossed they look like this! The seeds are 'mollie'- got to be a good sign x

Old jar, sweet pea flowers. I love jars and vases outdoors and full of lovely flowers.

I have had no luck in NM with these. But back in Illinois...they grew like wildfire

Gran and Grandpa loved their sweet peas. THey grew over a large wall of the egg packing shed. Fed by chook manure they were always plentiful and the scent still takes me right back to those days. - My Cottage Garden

Flowers are a popular birthday gift, and choosing the recipient’s birth month flower makes it more personal. Take a look at the birth flowers for April.

Birth flowers: April - Daisies & Sweet Peas

Flowers are a popular birthday gift, make it personal by choosing the recipient’s birth flower. Take a look at April's birth flowers, daisies & sweet peas.

Growing Sweet Peas with Sensible Gardening

Growing Sweet Peas with Sensible Gardening gardening on a budget - Flower Gardening

Sweet Peas in Old Fashioned Wine Glasses. Love the simplicity of sweet peas and the smell.

Sweet Peas Keep it Simple

Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge: Sweet Pea with Sugar Pea Designs as the sponsor. The challenge is open from June through June

Encourage sweet pea plants to become bushier by pinching out the tips

Sweet Peas are a cottage garden classic producing beautiful blooms with the most gorgeous scent. You can train them onto a plant support to create a really impressive column of fragrant, summer colour, and they make excellent cut flowers.

These Sweet Peas picked fresh from the garden have the perfect combination of perfume and colour #boden

Fresh Sweet Peas from the garden, lovely. However if you dont have sweet peas or a garden then our Sweet Blossom fragrance is the next best thing. - Gardening For You

Lathyrus odoratus "Beaujolais" Spencer Sweet Pea

Rich velvety maroon blooms make 'Beaujolais' a very popular sweet pea. Place this large-flowered dark beauty in a conspicuous area or let it climb through a silver-leaved shrub to display it for fu.

Sweat pea, can be used as climbing plants in partial sun and shade

Sweet peas in the sweetest pastels. The sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus) is a flowering plant in the genus Lathyrus in the family Fabaceae (legumes), native to Sicily, southern Italy, and the Aegean Islands.